London Tenants Federation (LTF)

  • LTF aims to provide a strong consensus regional voice for tenants of social housing landlords through bringing together mostly borough-tenants organisations across London.
  • LTF attempts to influence and challenge regional and strategic housing policy which the borough are required to conform to.
  • LTF has membership of Forums and sub-groups established by the Mayor’s office that relate to housing and planning policy.
  • LTF responds to housing and planning consultations both regionally and nationally and providing grass roots evidence at London Assembly Housing and Planning committee meetings and at public examinations of the Mayors London Plan.
  • LTF links with other voluntary and community sector groups, particularly those that have an interest in housing. It has membership of London Voluntary Services Council and Just Space.
  • LTF produces policy briefings and updates for its members and when possible newsletters and e-bulletins.

Link here to 'An Introduction to London Tenants Federation'

More information about our structure and the way we operate on our 'about us' page.