Housing and Planning Act

Analysis of delivery of homes in London (2005-15)

  • LTF's recent analysis of delivery of additional homes in London (from data taken from the Mayor's Annual Monitoring Reports of the London Plan) reveals that only 17% were social-rented in the 10-year period from 2005-15, while 70% were private / market homes. The analysis explains how the Mayor's office is able to announce that a lot more is delivered - by (i) referring to 'gross' delivery that does not take into account how many new homes are actually replacements for others that have been lost from supply - mostly through demolition and (ii) by only referring to 'affordable' housing - (much of which is not affordable).

Demolition of social-rented homes

  • In March 2016LTF submitted a list of key policy proposals that it was asking Mayoral candidates and London Assembly member to commit to - in the run up to the Mayoral Elections. One issue raised was the unnecessary loss of social-rented housing through estate demolitions. In response Nick Bowes, Director or Policy for Sadiq Khan said that Sadiq Khan felt that 'regeneration should only take place where there is resident support, based on full and transparent consultation and that demolition of social housing should only be permitted where it does not result in loss of social housing'. LTF will do its best to hold the Mayor to account on this.
  • LTF previously produced a document setting out some 'do's and don'ts' for groups looking to give support to tenants in their struggles.