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We bring together social housing tenant organisations from across the capital to act on matters that affect our homes and communities.

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Many people will be finding that Covid-19 has put extra pressure on tenancies, incomes and relationships. Below are links to organisations which can offer advice and support.

Over 35,000 homes on 100 plus London estates are at risk of demolition.

Together with Just Space, we launched Estate Watch in 2020 to provide information, resources and mutual support for communities going through estate demolition.

Tenant democracy at every level

Accountability at the grassroots is essential to successful decision-making at the regional and national levels. It is also essential to how London Tenants Federation works. Click on the icons to learn more.





Tenant democracy starts at the grassroots

A few neighbours come together to set up a Tenants and Residents Association (TRA), Housing Co-op or Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).

These are a great way to unite the community and amplify your voice when approaching decision-makers and landlords. They are also:

Local: typically covering a single neighbourhood or estate
Open: any resident can take part, become a member and put themselves forward for the committee
Accountable: committee members are elected at General Meetings typically once a year
Local reps join forces to hold their landlord to account

Local tenants organisations are stronger when they work together with others who share the same landlord (housing association or council). These groups provide strength in numbers and enable tenants reps to share knowledge and expertise.

There are more than a dozen borough-wide tenants groups across London, and some housing association groups. These include:

Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations (SGTO)
Tower Hamlets Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (THFTRA)
Sutton Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (SFTRA)
Catalyst Residents Federation
Landlord-wide organisations join forces across the capital

London Tenants Federation brings together over a dozen borough-wide and landlord-wide tenants organisations alongside London’s TMOs and social housing co-ops. Everything we do, whether at regional or national level, is informed by evidence from the grassroots level. This includes:

Interrogating the London Housing Strategy and other Mayoral policies that effect social housing tenants
Pooling knowledge, skills and training across the capital's social housing tenants
Lobbying the government to do more for social housing in London
Working with other community and voluntary sector groups, including on the Mayor's London Housing Panel
A national movement for tenants?

We’ve recently successfully campaigned for the Mayor to set up the London Housing Panel to bring together community and voluntary sector groups from across the capital to inform the Greater London Assembly’s work around housing. Next stop: Westminster.

The Social Housing Green Paper floated the idea of a national representative body for tenants and there has since been much discussion about how to make this happen. Our Members believe that landlord-wide tenants federations, fed by a thriving network of local TRAs, TMOs and co-ops, could provide the strong foundations and grassroots accountability that would give such a body the legitimacy it needs to succeed.


The latest from LTF and our Members
January 21, 2022

For two weeks each quarter, London Tenants Federation will bring together tenants to discuss sub-regional and single-issue housing concerns (find more information about each of these below). The first meetings will be held 2nd February – 14th February. LTF invites tenants and residents associations, tenant management organisations and co-operatives to…

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January 17, 2022

LTF started 2022 with two new 3-day-a-week staff members who will work with our coordinator, members and directors to deliver our new and continued grant-funded projects. This work includes: organising LTF sub-regional meetings (in addition to our core members’ general meetings, events and conferences) and developing tenant networks focused on…

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January 13, 2022

This is a second comment piece from LTF discussions on Housing without Landlords, which were held in the preparation work for developing The London Tenants Manifesto – a positive future for social housing.   The comment is from Richard Lee, a Southwark council tenant. After 4 decades of housing privatisation…

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Our Partners

We are proud to work closely with the London Federation of Housing Co-ops (LFHC) and the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations (NFTMO).

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