#EstateWatch Q&A with Loretta Lees

When? Wednesday 24th June 2020 @ 10am to 11am

Where? On Twitter, search and use #EstateWatch @londontenants @LorettaCLees

To mark the launch of Estate Watch, a new website and resource for London estate communities undergoing or at risk of demolition, we’re hosting a live Twitter Q&A with Loretta Lees, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Leicester and lead researcher on Gentrification, Displacement, and the Impacts of Council Estate Renewal in Twenty First Century London.

Next Wednesday is for tenants and leaseholders who are at risk of or have experience of demolition to put their questions to Loretta.

“Just Space and LTF have set up Estate Watch because the realities of ‘regeneration’ for resident communities are very different to what’s depicted on council websites and brochures,” said Loretta Lees, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Leicester. 

“It comes on the back of my 3-year ESRC research project into gentrification and displacement of council estate tenants and residents. 

“My research identified that 55,000 council homes had been demolished in estate renewal schemes since 1997 and as a rough estimate, about 131,000 tenants and leaseholders were displaced.”

You can read more about the research here.

Not on Twitter but got a question for Loretta? Email Zoe-comms@londontenants.org with your question and we can put it to her on your behalf.