Housing Association Tenant Conference – 28 January 2023

Published on January 21, 2023

Published on January 21, 2023

LTF hosted a conference with Camden Housing Association Residents Group (CHARG — part of the Camden Federation of Private Tenants) for housing association tenants across London on 28th January 2023.

The conference provided HA tenants with an opportunity to share their experiences, and to speak with other tenants about holding HA landlords to account and collective organising. Resources from the conference are shared below.

You can find the full conference report here: LTF x CHARG (CFPT) HOUSING ASSOCIATION TENANT CONFERENCE REPORT – 21 JANUARY 2023

Conference Resources:

  1. Conference Agenda
  2. A guide for setting up and sustaining effective tenants and residents associations
  3. Podcast on making a complaint to your landlord as a social housing tenant or leaseholder.
  4. Social housing complaints process
  5. Tips for gathering evidence around housing disrepair – SW London Law Centre video
  6. How law centres can support collective tenant action – SW London Law Centre video
  7. The role of the Ombudsman and his revised complaint handling code – video and slides
  8. Regulator of Social Housing (RHS) press release on an implementation plan for new consumer regulation and pilot consumer inspection programme
  9. RSH consumer regulation implementation plan
  10. Social Housing Regulation Bill: landlords subject to ‘Ofsted-style’ inspections under new law – Inside Housing Article June 2022 (pdf);  view online at IH website here
  11. Podcast – St. Martin’s TRA on the benefits of having an effective TRA
  12. Podcast – St Martin’s TRA on getting their three landlords to set the same service charges