How many social rented homes were delivered in your borough in 2018/19?

Published on April 29, 2021

Published on April 29, 2021

The Mayor of London’s 2018/19 Annual Monitoring Report of the London Plan was finally published in March 2021. The report includes the latest available information on the new and additional homes built in London during that year. Headline figures are:

  • 35,699 homes (of all types) were delivered, taking into account homes lost, e.g., through estate demolitions. This is 84 percent of the London Plan’s 42,388 target for that year.
  • 1,778 (5 percent of the homes delivered) were social rented, while the need for social rented homes (assessed by the Mayor of London’s office in 2017) was for 47 percent.
  • 29,620 (82 percent) were private / market homes, although assessed need was for just 35
  • 1,565 (four percent of homes delivered) were affordable rent homes at up to 80 percent market rent.
  • 3,166 (nine percent) were intermediate, including shared ownership, homes.

Our report – London housing targets, delivery and need in 2018/19 – provides more detail about London-wide and borough-wide housing targets and delivery. We have sorted boroughs in order from highest to lowest levels of social housing delivery, as a proportion of all types of homes delivered.

We have also calculated the total number of homes delivered in London and each borough from 2005-19 and the percentages of homes that were social rented.

  • 433,168 new and additional homes were delivered in London between 2005 and 2019
  • 51,293 (just 12 percent) were social rented.

Check out our report to see the best and worst boroughs when it comes to delivery of social rented homes over these fourteen years.