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Our Core Membership

Our core members are council and housing association-wide tenant and leaseholder organisations. Members elect our Board of Directors and our regional representatives. They work by consensus to decide on joint priorities and policy positions.

Our TRA, TMO and Co-op Membership

Our new housing association and council TRA, TMO and Co-operative membership (established in 2022) is free of charge, but any donations are gratefully received.

The membership provides opportunities for TRAs, TMOs and Co-operatives to:

  • engage and share with other tenants and residents groups outside their boroughs on common issues or concerns, including around large-scale developments, some of which cross borough boundaries 
  • look at how other tenants’ groups operate in London, the UK and outside the UK and consider which are most effective;
  • support one another and lobby or campaign together, where there is consensus; 
  • learn more about how the Mayor of London’s policies impact decisions made by local authorities and other social landlords;
  • build grass-roots knowledge and research some through growing our bank of tenant videos or podcasts to share on our website, newsletters and social media;
  • influence and/or challenge policy.

London Tenants Federation TRA, TMO and Co-operative members will be invited to quarterly sub-regional and single housing issue meetings (beginning in February 2022) as well as our open events and conferences.

Members will receive our quarterly e-newsletters and have opportunities to contribute to our newsletters and website. Reports from our sub-regional and single issues meetings will feed into LTF core member meetings and will be used in LTF consultation responses and amending or adding to LTF’s policy positions.

We will continue to emphasise how important it is that social housing tenants groups are active in local borough- neighbourhood and landlord-wide tenants organisations, where they exist.

Our new membership is an addition, not an alternative to tenants groups attempting to influence at the borough- neighbourhood- borough- and landlord-wide levels.  

Contact to request LTF’s TRA, TMO and Co-operative membership.