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LTF Membership

London Tenants Federation (LTF) has two types of membership:

1. LTF core membership comprises borough- landlord- and neighbourhood-wide federations and organisations of council and housing association, tenant-managed and cooperative landlord and neighbourhood-wide networks.

2. Individual (non-voting) TRA, TMO and Co-op association membership.

Tenants engaging in LTF

We arrange a wide range of meetings, events and conferences.

We hold

  • five or six meetings for our core/voting membership
  • quarterly single issue and sub-regional meetings for individual TRAs, Co-op and Tenant managed groups
  • at least two special meetings or events and a conference accessible to all LTF members.

We produce a wide range of

  • policy briefings, analyses of housing policy and reports, case studies and interviews with tenants (which can be found on our website) and
  • newsletters, which you sign up to receive – see below.

You can find more in our Information about the London Tenants Federation