London Tenants Federation in the media

30.05.2019 24Housing

Mayor unveils new London Housing Panel

30.04.2019 24Housing

Khan urged to ‘ease the squeeze’ on family-sized social rented homes

29.01.2019 Inside Housing

London tenants call for Statement of Community Involvement from Sadiq Khan

09.11.2018 24Housing

Social rent levels in London rising 10 times faster than median incomes

06.11.2018 24Housing

Report says London should have its own social housing commissioner

26.10.2018 24Housing

League table ranks London boroughs’ delivery of social housing

10.10.2018 Inside Housing

Comment: A national body for tenants would crumble without solid foundations at grassroots level

19.07.2018 24Housing

London needs 40,000 new social rented homes a year

21.06.2018 Inside Housing

Why tenants think their feedback is being ignored

26.05.2018 The Times

Tenants’ Fears Routinely Ignored

24.05.2018 Inside Housing

Comment: ‘Tenant panels’ are no replacement for old-fashioned democratic organisations

03.07.2017 Inside Housing

Tenant group calls for rethink after Grenfell

15.03.2017 24Housing

Tenants group goes up against regeneration in London



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