Gas boiler replacements – the best alternatives for social housing tenants

Published on March 3, 2022

Published on March 3, 2022

In late November 2021 London Tenants Federation, the London Federation of Housing Co-ops and the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations held our annual conference on Attaining Net Zero in London – What will this mean for social housing tenants?

While many social housing tenants currently have gas boilers, no new ones can be installed, after 2035, in line with the government’s  2021 Heat and Building Strategy.

To help us to understand the alternatives, Dr Aurore Julien, Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London, provided us with a presentation on the future of domestic heating in the UK.

You can look at Aurore’s slides (which you will need to download first) while listening to the audio file (below).

You can also read here – the question and answer session between conference attendees and Aurore following her presentation.