LTF submission: consultation on timescales for repairs in the social rented sector.

Published on February 13, 2024

Published on February 13, 2024

London Tenants Federation submitted a response to the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities (DLUHC) consultation on timescales for repairs in the social rented sector. This consultation is in response to the tragic, wholly preventable death of two year old Awaab Ishak. Awaab died as a direct result of exposure to mould in the social home his family rented. His parents raised concerns about their living conditions time and again. The landlord repeatedly failed to act, and blamed the family for causing the hazardous mould. As a result of the coroner’s report and pressure from Awaab’s parents the government published new legislation, the Social Housing Regulation Act 2023. Download/view our response below. 

More about the consultation:

The government is now consulting on how long landlords should take to repair homes with hazardous or harmful conditions such as damp and mould. In particular, they are consulting on proposals for:

a. timescales for initial investigations of potential hazards;

b. requirements to be placed upon landlords to provide written summaries of investigation findings;

c. timescales for beginning repair works;

d. timescales for completing repair works;

e. timescales for emergency repairs;

f. the circumstances under which properties should be temporarily decanted to protect residents’ health and safety;

g. requirements to be placed upon landlords to maintain adequate record keeping throughout repair works.

Our response was compiled by a tenant representative. It draws on past LTF research and reports, as well as the poor conditions reported to us by tenant representatives.

LTF encourages others — whether as individuals or organisations — to write their own submission. It does not take long (about 15 – 20 minutes). We invite you to use our submission as a guide.

Please note: the consultation closes on 5th March 2024 at 6pm.