An LTF Briefing on Right to Buy Sales and Replacements

Published on September 23, 2022

Published on September 23, 2022

In 2012, the government said it would replace council homes sold through the Right to Buy (RTB) while at the same time increasing the discounts on RTB sales.

The government didn’t mean straight one-for-one replacements – rather replacements above a benchmark based on its prediction of RTB sales had there not been an increase in discounts.

And most have been replaced by affordable rather than social rented homes.

It counts the starts (in building new homes) and acquisition of existing homes in their replacements – not the total completion of social rented homes.

There have been 18,666 RTB sales and 4,459 completed replacements in London since 2012.

Our briefing on Right to Buy (RTB) sales and replacements provides:

  • an introduction – the history and changes in RTB since 1980
  • some facts and figures on RTB sales in England and London since 1980
  • information (including graphs) on receipts from RTB sales and replacements since 2012
  • a look at the social consequences of RTB
  • buying back RTB sales or ending it?