Collectively mapping a tenant alternative to the CAZ

Published on December 20, 2022

Published on December 20, 2022

In Central Corridor sub-regional network meetings, participating tenant representatives discussed how living near the Central Activities Zone (CAZ) impacts their communities. Development priorities for the CAZ are set out in the Mayor of London’s Central Activities Zone supplementary planning guidance (SPG), which focuses on high-end business, finance and tourism. However, this area also has a large number of housing estates and related social infrastructure, which are not mentioned in the SPG.

As a result, tenant representatives in the Central Corridor sub-regional network agreed that it was important to create an alternative map for the area, highlighting the places where and things which authority and housing association tenants believe investment should be prioritised. You can view this map below. Please note: we are still adding in points of interest.

You can find more information on the tenant alternative to CAZ and the collective mapping process here.

We invite you to contribute (email

  • If your local authority housing or housing association property falls within or just outside the CAZ and isn’t listed, let us know. We will add it in.
  • Please share photos of your housing estate. These will be uploaded to the location pin so that viewers can see them when they are exploring the map.
  • Let us know if you are interested in being interviewed for a short podcast episode, which will be uploaded to the map and the LTF website. Interviews will focus on tenant experiences living in or around the CAZ, or within a borough that falls in the CAZ.