Only 2% of new and additional homes delivered in London in 2019/20 were social rented

Published on November 16, 2022

Published on November 16, 2022

Our report on housing needs, targets and delivery in London 2019/20 – contains data from the recently published Mayor of London’s Annual Monitoring Report of the London Plan for 2019/20.

Some key facts –

  • 38,577 homes of all types were delivered in London – 91% of the 42,388 London Plan target for that year.
  • 822 social rented homes were delivered – just 2% of the total homes delivered.
  • 7,163 ‘affordable’ homes were delivered – of a target of 17,000. 12% of the ‘affordable’ homes were social rented, 51% intermediate (accessible to households with incomes up to £60,000), 3% London Affordable Rent and 34% affordable rent (with rents up to 80% market rents).
  • 30,387 market homes for sale were delivered of a target of 25,388.  While the London Plan does not set a target for market homes for sale, we assume this to be the target for all homes minus the ‘affordable’ housing target. The delivery of market homes was then, equivalent to 120% of this assumed target.

Our report includes tables where you can check out how many homes of all types, social rented, intermediate and market homes were delivered in your borough/planning authority area.