Our response to G15 and London Council’s Delivering on London’s Housing Requirement: interim report

Published on September 27, 2021

Published on September 27, 2021

The G15 (London’s largest housing associations) and London Council’s Housing Directors’ Group have recently consulted on their ‘Delivering on London’s Housing Requirement’s: interim report‘.

The report highlights, as we do, the high need for social rented homes in the capital and argues for more government funding to support delivering more social rented homes.

However, more controversially, it asks the government to commit to increasing social housing tenants by CPI + 1% for 30 years. This would lead to many social housing tenants being at risk of in-work poverty, debt and reliance on benefits.

Our response (link below) includes comments on this and other proposals that we disagree with, alternative proposals and a request that London boroughs explain their failures to meet London Plan targets for social rented homes from 2005-19.  

NB. only 47% of the targets set for additional social rented homes in London Plans over this period were delivered. But, at the same time, 124% of the targets set for expensive market homes were built.