Report: LTF single issue & sub-regional meetings Spring 2022

Published on November 16, 2022

Published on November 16, 2022

London Tenants Federation brings together tenant representatives from across London to engage with one another on single issues (including Estate Demolition, Repairs & Major Works, Building Safety, Rents & Service Charges and overcrowded homes) and on sub-regional issues, particularly those that cross borough boundaries e.g. around large-scale developments.

The Estate Watch network, exclusively for tenants of estates that are at risk of, or who are already experiencing, demolition of their homes was established (with Just Space) in 2020. Recently the network has been working on developing an alternative tenant-led guidance on estate regeneration.

Discussion topics in our sub-regional meetings have included gentrification, green space, housing stock, service delivery, transportation and infrastructure development. Work is being carried out on

We are still gathering views and comments for both of these pieces of work, so please contact for more information on how to get involved.

The purpose of all these meetings is to support tenants in

  • learning from and supporting one another
  • sharing and exchanging (outside borough and landlord boundaries) on effective tenant involvement
  • helping to address the isolation that many TRAs identify – particularly where landlords are not providing opportunities for tenants’ groups to engage with one another
  • expanding social housing tenants’ knowledge on issues that they are concerned about – through presentations and briefings.

Links here to meetings held in April and May 2022