A positive future for social housing in London: The London Tenants’ Manifesto

Published on January 19, 2021

Published on January 19, 2021

A positive future for social housing in London: The London Tenants’ Manifesto has been written by social housing tenant representatives, who have come together from across the capital over the course of several years to create a vision for a more sustainable and resilient city: socially, economically and environmentally.

The Manifesto contains proposals for:

  • Tenants’ rights to determine our future
  • Safe, well-designed and managed homes
  • Economically sustainable social rented homes
  • Sustaining strong and resilient social housing communities
  • Environmentally sustainable social rented homes and neighbourhoods

Key proposals in the manifesto include:

  • Ring-fencing government housing grant and suitable public land for the delivery of new social rented homes and infrastructure.
  • Tenant involvement in developing design briefs for new and refurbished homes and designing and maintaining resilient Lifetime Neighbourhoods.
  • Tenant access to archives containing information on the construction, improvements to, and health and safety of, their homes.
  • A new Local Authority Housing Committee model, made up of elected councillors and tenant representatives, who would have the deciding vote on issues relating to their homes.
  • An extension of the Right to Transfer and Freedom of Information to housing association tenants, so that all tenants are better able to hold their landlords to account and switch landlords should they wish.